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Open Chatbots for Internet of Things

Humans and things will interact in the most advanced protocol ever invented.

Their own words.

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Communicate with all things through the most natural interface. Your own words.

No need to learn complicated dashboards full of buttons, working flows or install another app. Interact with the things around you exactly the same way you would do with a human being.

Simple. For everyone.



Provide an easy human-like interaction that all your customers understand, technologically advanced or not. Everyone.


Discover how your customers interact with your products: what they love, what they don’t like that much and how can you better innovate.


Exceed your customers’ expectations, creating a simple and delightful relationship between them and your empowered product.

The Process

Technical Assesment

Connecting stand-alone things and embedding connectivity and enough computing power is not an out-of-the-box task. We will analyze the evolution of your product (electronic or not), and we will propose the most efficient way to make it evolve to a true Internet of Things object.

Conversational Interface Design

Our team of Designers will conduct a full research to define the multiple ways your customers may interact with your product, following the principles of ‘calm technology’. And we will code what is needed to simulate a human interaction. A little touch of Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

Personality Definition and Training

We will schedule sessions with your team to align the messages with your marketing strategy. It is needed to define and balance the level of politeness, the tone, temper and the sense of humor that the object will have. That is, the synthetic personality of the thing.

This is where the ‘enchantment’ takes place.

For the first time ever, we can start giving a soul to things, one by one. I can see what my car has to say, or my thermostat, as individuals. No hubs, no middle-men. A truly Internet of Things product.

For grandmothers and for the tech-savvy, this is the most powerful thing I have seen in years.

Miguel S.

R+D Director, Spanish Telecommunications Company

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131 High Street, Teddington, Middlesex

TW11 8HH, London, United Kingdom


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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

– Arthur C. Clarke